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About The American Music Prize

The American Music Prize for Best Debut Album (The AMP) is an ‘art’ based prize celebrating contemporary music – of excellence. The Prize aims to encourage, discover, reward and promote new music of excellence by USA artists.

The creation of the Prize was inspired by the success of the UK’s Mercury Music Prize ‐ which boosts the careers of UK artists across the globe every year – and is modelled on the operations of the successful Australian Music Prize which is currently running its 10th annual prize.  For the current 2nd prize, all debut albums by US artists released between August 1st, 2015 and July 31st, 2016 ware being listened to by a panel of handpicked, expert judges. Each judge is known for his/her ‘great ears’ and ability to listen to music from all genres and be able to determine which albums are some of the best of the year.  From this initial listening process a Longlist is formed. Judges are then required to ‘live’ with all Longlisted albums for a certain period of time then, via a unique voting system, chose a winner.  Download the pdf for the full story >>